Custom Art

With our extensive arts and sculpture backgrounds, we love creating art for your establishment. From art walls in a restaurant, or art for each guest room in a hotel, we will work with you to bring your vision to life. We love creative fabrication, metal work and mixed-media sculpture, and can help you to think outside the box for your commercial art and design project. 


We've done installations and drop-in art pieces for restaurants, resorts, offices and hotels all across the country, and we know the value of aesthetics on atmosphere.


If you're looking for highly creative art to help bring your brand to life, we're your people.

3D Sculpture for Microsoft's office
3D Art Mural for a Resort
Rocket chandelier at Denver International Airport
Dimensional metal patio trellis
Art printed restaurant tables
Art installation at a Salt Lake City restaurant
Restaurant art installation
Rocket chandelier at Denver International Airport
3D Art Mural
hotel art
High concept art table base
Metal work and wood arts
Functional metal art installation
3D Art Mural
Restaurant commercial art
Creative furniture
Installation art
Custom restaurant decor
Colorado 3D art
Sculpture Arts
Installation art
Decorative arts
Functional art
Commercial art
Commercial art
art installation
Custom metalwork
Custom restaurant art
Custom art