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We know, it is exciting to think about re-inventing or re-imagining your space.  We're excited, too.  But before you dive in, we felt we could offer some advice.  Black Hound is a solutions-driven design company, and we want to get any unfun stuff out of the way.


We are a fully custom shop. We do not have inventory, and we don't want your space to look just like your neighbors.  We would love to show you around our shop, and have you meet our amazing creative design and fabrication team, but we do not have a warehouse full of stuff to show you. We make stuff for you, not for us.


We want to understand the problems you are facing and help overcome those challenges with good design, custom pieces, and an on-brand space to keep your guests coming back repeatedly. This means that there might be a fair amount of discussion before we get to the really fun stuff.  

Tablet Design


We are not the cheapest.  As we mentioned, we are a custom design shop, and we want to make things that are going to suit your needs and your budget.  There is no shame in bargain hunting, but we might not be the best fit. Good design takes time, and we don’t cut corners or skimp in any area.  


We want you to tell the truth.  Tell us where it hurts. Tell us when you don't like something and then tell us why. Tell us what is on your mind.  We give you permission to be brutally honest as we work on making your space come to life.  It's about you, and we want to make you happy.  We promise we won't get mad.


This could take a while.  Likely, we can't get this done overnight.  Design, fabrication, and installation will take time.  And we promise to be with you every step of the way. Patience is a virtue. 


Ask questions.  We love questions and we want to make sure you know exactly what is going on.

Every project will face challenges, roadblocks, and unforeseen detours.  And you may get frustrated along the way. The good news is that with our problem-solving hats on, we can always find ways to adjust, re-configure, and get to the finish line together.


So let’s get to work, shall we?

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