A Safe and Effective Way of

Social Distancing

Due to the coronavirus Covid-19, restaurants, bars, hair saloons, and the hospitality industry across the country are shut-down, and are anxiously awaiting re-opening guidelines and procedures. Social distancing will be the new normal, but how do you effectively create safe spaces? 

Black Hound Design Company has a solution. Our patent-pending partitions can be easily placed between and around tables, booths/benches, desks, and bars or counters. 

These partitions-meant for restaurants, breweries, hotels and other public areas- maintain social distancing in an unobtrusive, adaptable way. They are clear for visibility, and can be customized with logos and graphics for branding and aesthetics. They are lightweight, stable, easy to move via wheels, and a safe way to re-open and run your business.


Give your customers peace of mind- in an artful way. 

To order your partitions, 

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