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CommerCIal Furniture for Banks

A large Colorado-based Bank came to us asking for help in modernizing their locations, and had a specific design challenge in mind. Bank tellers are typically behind large kiosks and are very isolated from their clients, which creates an unfriendly vibe. They wanted a piece of furniture that would bridge the divide between them, open up the space- but still maintain the necessary functionality of banking transactions. 

Our solution? After much prototyping and trial and error, we designed and built a (very) custom walnut table that would sit at coffee-table height for client conversations and would create a causal, intimate vibe. When the tellers close the door and focus on their work, the table raises to desk height. 

In addition to the ergonomics and various use cases, we had to put on our mechanical engineering hats to research and test various lifting mechanisms. We eventually landed on an innovative product by Linak, that uses electric actuator technology to produce seamless lifters. So, with the push of a button, our table seamlessly and quietly rises or lowers. 

We just delivered the first batch of these tables to Canvas Credit Union at Colorado State University, with many, many more on the way to other locations. 

We couldn’t be more proud of this innovative piece of furniture, and all the design thinking that went into bringing this to fruition. 

If you can dream it up, Black Hound Design Company can build it.

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