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Outdoor Dining & Retail Solutions for Winter &


Winter is coming. You need an outdoor solution for social distancing. That's where we come in. 

Social distancing in restaurants, hotels, breweries and other public spaces is the new normal, but how do you effectively create safe spaces? Especially when winter is quickly approaching. How will you maximize your table count and retail space when temperatures drop? 

Black Hound Design Company has solutions. We designed four different versions of parklets, pods, partitions and dividers for Covid 19 social distancing. All versions are movable, durable, and full-feature. 

And since we are a custom fabrication and furniture workshop, we can make literally anything for you. So if you don't see what you're looking for- reach out. We'll bring your vision to reality. 

Give your customers and communities peace of mind- without sacrificing comfort and vibe. 

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These quaint structures are cozy, charming and entirely practical. With a footprint smaller than a single parking space, they are easy to add to your outdoor area. In fact, they are small enough to fit through a standard double door. The locking casters on the bottom make the units mobile and flexible. The 2 non-adjacent sides open enough to provide air flow through the space, per guideline's from the state Department of Public Health regarding outdoor structures for Covid-19.

Additional options include:

  • electric infared heater- that is safe to touch!

  • a 2 seat size and a 6 seat size 

  • patio or twinkle lights 

  • vinyl curtains for added warmth 


We were inspired by the word "Topek" which is an Eskimo house. Cozy. Warm. Practical. 




Our PAWs- Parklets, All-Weather, are ideal for creating an outdoor dining and retail experience that engages the community during the winter. 

They are flat-pack and full feature. ADA accessible, modular, cozy and beautiful. And, each design adheres to the standard for outdoor structures, per the Colorado Department of Public Health. 



This style is meant for outdoor environments, and can easily create patios, or divide sections of an outdoor space. It is free-standing, modular and aesthetically welcoming. 

The drink rail-partition features fencing on the bottom made of powder-coated black galvanized steel and a shelf on top made of a dark, rich sapele mahogany. Both materials are perfect for outdoor use, thanks to their overall ability to withstand all types of weather and general durability.

The rails have posts on either end that can hold up flickering string lights or banners. This added design element creates coziness and curb appeal, and allows for a sense of warmth in the “new normal.”

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To order your Topeks, parklets

or partitions- or to brainstorm a different solution for you