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How It's Made: Chevron Restaurant Tables

We make hundreds of custom restaurant tables each year for places all over the country. When we deliver the final product to a customer, it's hard to imagine how many steps went into creating each table.

We've been making a ton of chevron tables lately. We love this look, even though the style adds a lot of steps to the process. The end result is hip and interesting- and well worth the added effort.

One of our talented craftsmen, Ismael, captured his process as he built our latest batch of tables. It's pretty amazing to see the steps from beginning to end.

Interested in the process behind chevron restaurant tables? Read on...

  • Start out with raw lumber boards. We use beetle-kill pine for it's sustainability.

  • Cut them into strips of even width

  • Arrange strips into even lengths using lots and lots of clamps

  • Glue ups. That shit is sticky.

  • Time saver to make the surfaces even

Now you're ready to rock on making the surfaces smooth and clean, and start shaping.

  • Sand it on down.

  • Cut into angles

  • Arrange strips of the angles into chevron pattern

  • Clamp and more glue.

  • Time saver again

  • Wood filler for any weirdness

  • Sand again

  • Cut into circles

  • Brand the tops

We then added a gorgeous gray stain to the tops, to make for an interesting palette. Notice how the beetle kill stripes still show through, while adding a cool vibe.

Boom dadda boom boom. Just like that. Easy as pie.

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