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The Design Challenge for Leatherman

We were honored to be approached by Turner Media with a very specific design challenge. Their client- Leatherman Tools- wanted an innovative and surprising way to launch their new apparel line. They knew they wanted to send a clever crate to journalists, craftspeople and influencers: a box that would be opened via their FREE P4 tool, but also would actually be a puzzle with multiple challenges built-in to make use of the various FREE P4 functions.

Their concept was incredible, but they were on the fence on how to design and build each feature. Luckily, that happens to be a sweet spot of ours.

Through several iterations, and a good ol fashioned design charette session, we were able to figure out what the individual challenges should be within the box, as well as the overall mechanics.

Our Solution

Creating custom rubber stamps of icons for each tool component to show the end user which tool they should use, when.

Step 1: Use the screwdriver to remove the lid.

Step 2: Upon opening, each recipient is presented with a wood pattern cutout that ultimately could be assembled into a desk organizer, via using the saw to cut through the tabs.

Step 3: Use the wire cutters to cut through the chicken wire

Then- big reveal! An awesome Leatherman shirt or hoodie was at the bottom of the crate.

We’ve had a ton of fun watching the unboxing videos. One recipient got through the crate a little too quickly- in our humble opinion. Another recipient- the editor of a certain very popular magazine geared towards mechanics- got a bit impatient and took a hammer to it!

All in all, we’re proud and grateful to work on such awesome projects, with such awesome clients.

Thank you Leatherman Tools and Turner Media!

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