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The Main Differences Between Custom Furniture and Big Box

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Custom Furniture Near You

If you’ve shopped for furniture at all recently, then you probably noticed that your options can be neatly categorized into one of two camps: mass-produced furniture from big box stores and custom furniture.

Don’t get us wrong – we know there’s a place in the world for mass-produced furniture. Sometimes you need a couch for an apartment that gets the job done for less than $1,000. Inflation is nuts right now, so we totally respect being on a budget.

Having said that, there’s a lot that people don’t know when it comes to the differences between custom furniture and mass-produced furniture. Much of it has to do with the things the customer can’t see, like how the furniture is made and where materials are being sourced from. Side-by-side, a custom couch and a big box couch may appear the same to the naked eye, but they could not be any more different.

To offer up a little insight, we’ll highlight the main differences between custom furniture and the mass-produced furniture they sell at the big box stores. The next time you’re looking at custom furniture in Denver, you’ll know exactly why there’s a difference in price tag.

#1 – Custom Furniture Can Be Whatever You Want

With big box furniture, you don’t really have much by way of options. Everything comes in the size, finish, and material you see in the store. If you hate the wood species or the couch happens to be a couple inches too big for your living room, there’s nothing you can do about it except keep looking.

Custom furniture, on the other hand, is nothing but options. We can make your couch and table EXACTLY the dimensions that you need them in, which really comes in handy in small or awkward spaces. We can use the EXACT wood species and stain that you want so it matches up with your cabinets. Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to getting creative.

#2 – Custom Furniture Uses Premium-Grade Materials

Mass-produced furniture doesn’t use the best materials. That’s why you can pick it up for so cheap. The manufacturers of this stuff are always keeping the bottom line in mind, so they wind up using materials that will eventually give out. Couches, for instance, tend to warp and bow in the middle after a few years.

By comparison, custom furniture makers only use premium-grade materials that are made to endure years and years of use. We’re not saying our furniture is invincible like the last son of Krypton, but it’s definitely made from stronger stuff than what the big box people are using.

#3 – Custom Furniture is Higher Quality

Mass-produced furniture is made using an assembly line system that utilizes machines. That’s how they’re able to crank out so much of it on such a short timeline. There’s only one problem with that – machines don’t make very good furniture. If there’s a mistake in the process or a flaw in the materials, a machine isn’t going to notice that.

Although machines have us beat in the speed category, they just can’t compete when it comes to quality. A human needs to be involved in every single step of the process to ensure every part of the build is being done correctly. Attention to detail is what separates a custom furniture maker from their mass-producing machine counterparts. If a single stitch is out of place – we notice.

Shopping for Custom Furniture in Denver? Contact Black Hound Design Today!

We’ll be straight up with you here – custom furniture costs a pretty penny compared to the mass-produced stuff. However, now you have a better understanding of why that is. Here at Black Hound Design, we make American-made furniture that’s unique, gorgeous, built to last, and built specifically for you. You’ll never have to worry about walking into someone else’s living room and seeing your couch. We only do originals here.

In addition to custom made furniture, we also do custom millwork, FF&E, interior design, industrial design, and plenty of other creative services and fabrication work for residences and commercial spaces. Click the button below to check out a few things from our highlight reel.

Ready to get started? Use the contact form on our website to kick off the conversation. You can also call us directly at (303) 424-3391 and a real live human being will pick up the phone. Our woodworkers and fabricators love talking shop and fleshing out ideas.

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