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Top 5 Furniture Trends

Here at Black Hound Design Company, we work hand-in-hand with interior designers and clients all over the country to create custom furniture and art for homes, restaurants and hotels. This gives us an inside look at the top furniture and design trends.

These are the top furniture trends to keep on your radar in 2019.

Sculptural Metals

Metal remains very popular, but especially used in unexpected ways or patterns. Whether it's gold, brass or blackened metals, they will be used in unique and artistic ways. "They will definitely be more interesting and designed in a more sculptural-based manner than in the past. There's a strong push towards art as function,” says Joy Moyler, interior designer.

A glass and sculptural metal base coffee table made by Black Hound Design Company

A desk made by Black Hound Design Company with a sculptural metal base

Luxe Natural

Organic textures and natural materials continues to dominate, but with a touch of luxe added in.

A waterfall edge table with luxe lucite base, source unknown

“I’ve been seeing a great deal of mixing of materials,” said James Hixson of Black Hound Design Company. “Whether it’s polished concrete mixed with rustic wood, or a big organic slab finished with high-end resins, our clients love to combine rough natural materials with luxury elements.”

custom restaurant furniture
A partition combining wood slab with metal for a unique, high-end look for a Denver restaurant

Custom Furniture

According to Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh Joy!, "A trend I see in furniture is a move towards handmade, custom pieces. People want to know the stories of where their pieces came from. They want to know who made it and what process was involved.” We see the same thing here at Black Hound Design Company: our clients love the story behind our custom furniture, and place importance on the ability to customize to their needs or brand.

Geometric Patterns

We're seeing a big trend of geometric shapes and patterns. Tribal is on the way out, in favor of more loose, over-scaled geometric shapes. This gives pieces an ultra modern, hip look, rather than the old-world feel of tribal prints.

Custom restaurant furniture
A custom picnic table with a geometric base created by Black Hound Design Company for a Denver hang-out, Improper City


There's a huge push for resin encased or topped tables, both for homes and restaurants.

A river table made by Black Forest Wood Co

River tables are all the rage right now, with colored or dyed resins acting as a "river" running through a live-edge slab.

Another popular and growing option is to use resins to encase unusual or unexpected elements. "We've made tables or vanities that display mini dioramas or objects in the resin," says James Hixson. "It's a great conversation starter when people notice the scenes, and can really tell a story via the captured objects."

A vanity at Nashville's Kimpton Hotel built by Black Hound Design Company using resin for a diorama


The top five furniture trends that we're seeing for 2019 are:

  1. Sculptural metals

  2. Luxe Natural

  3. Custom Furniture

  4. Geometric Patterns

  5. Resin

Are we missing any? What trends are you seeing? We'd love to hear from you!

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