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What to Expect When Working with One of Our Certified Interior Designers

How Black Hound Design Helps You Tackle Interior Design Projects

Custom furniture and interior design are like beer and pizza – fine by themselves, but far better when paired. For a while, we just handled the custom woodworking and furniture part of things. That was our niche, and we did it well.

However, customers kept requesting modern industrial interior design services, which totally makes sense. You shouldn’t need to make two stops to get beer and pizza; you shouldn’t need to go to two places to design and build out furniture for your space. Everything should be under one roof, which is exactly why we curated some of the best talent in the interior design world and brought them under the Black Hound banner.

You asked. We listened. We can still knock out custom woodworking and FF&E with the added bonus of handling your residential or commercial interior design needs.

Modern Interior and Industrial Design – Services and What to Expect

The cool thing about having a full team of in-house commercial interior and industrial designers is we can pretty much tackle anything. We’ve got a brain trust of creatives that dream up spaces that enhance a brand’s physical presence and leave a lasting impression with customers. The following is our full offering of interior design services:

  • Space Planning

  • Conceptual Design

  • Brand Development

  • Product Development

  • Prototyping

  • 3D Rendering

  • Creative campaigns

  • Signage

  • Art and accessory specifications

  • Sourcing and procurement

  • In-house fabrication

Honestly, anything you can imagine we can create. We know it can be intimidating working with a blank canvas of a space, but this is exactly what we do here at Black Hound Design.

Never worked with a certified interior designer before? Here’s what to expect.

  • We’ll ask you what you like, and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t like. There are an infinite number of ways to design a space. Our interior designers will show you plenty of examples of work to home in on your specific taste and style. The process is akin to playing around on Pinterest and favoriting rooms and spaces that speak to your design aesthetic.

  • We’ll ask you about the logistics of your project. Pretty much everything about your space is pliable except for one thing – the measurements and square footage. Before we start filling the blank canvas, we have to know how big the canvas is so we know what we’re working with.

  • We’ll ask you about your must-haves. Spaces should be aesthetically pleasing, but they also need to function and serve a purpose. For instance, maybe your new restaurant space MUST be able to accommodate at least 50 people. Or perhaps the center of the room MUST have a full bar area with seating. This is the kind of stuff that we need to know so that we can start designing with your needs in mind.

  • We’ll show you plenty of drawings and renderings. Once our interior designers have a good read on the vibe of the space, its measurements, and what needs to be incorporated, they will be able to start developing concepts for how the space can potentially look. They will populate it with furniture, FF&E, and any specific elements you requested. The commercial interior design process is a bit of a back-and-forth, so you may end up seeing plenty of different concepts before we zero in on the one that’s perfectly aligned with what you envisioned.

Want to See Some Examples of Finished Spaces?

Ready to Take the Next Step with Your Interior Design Project? Contact Us Today!

When you work with Black Hound Design, you’re working with a team of the very best interior designers, builders, project managers, and fabricators in the custom furniture space. We have over 50 years of combined experience and have yet to come across a project that’s been able to stump us.

Although we’re certain we can knock your interior design project out of the park, maybe you’ve got that part of things handled and simply need some custom furniture to elevate the space. Perfect – that’s our bread and butter. Every piece we make here at Black Hound Design is a one-of-kind piece. We don’t do mass-produced copies. We’re in the business of making originals that can’t be found anywhere else. It won’t be cheap, but we can guarantee you it’ll be worth it.

Use the contact form on our website to kick off the conversation. You can also call us directly at (303) 424-3391 and a real live human being will pick up the phone. We love talking shop and discussing ideas.

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