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Women in Welding

This is Katrina. 

Katrina is a metal fabricator here at Black Hound- which means that she’s not just a welder, she’s a real deal artist. She crafts sculptural table bases, gorgeous banquettes, architectural steel and really- anything and everything. As she said- she just likes to make cool shit.  

Now this takes a true artistic mind. She has to constantly problem solve, think critically, pay attention to every little detail, annnnd maintain a creative aesthetic. It’s not just about building…it’s about creating. While she is a self-taught welder, her Bachelors of Fine Arts in jewelry and metalsmithing at Oregon College of Arts & Crafts paved the way.  

But she definitely does have the badassery of heavy metal. What do you want to throw at her- MIG? TIG? Oxy Welding? No problem. Patinas? Sure. Check out one of her art pieces. She made this happen with metal, y’all. Chemical reactions between the paints, patina’s, resists and the steel canvas. Hot damn.   

And her skills aren’t limited to metal. This lady can jam on wood and concrete too. What a gal.  

Not to mention: she’s also a Momma. NOT TO MENTION: she’s also a single Momma. So she’s juggling a rigorous, entirely physical and fast-paced job, while being an incredible, dedicated Mother to a four year old boy named Zephyr.  

This is @katrina_patina. She is a badass.  

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