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A Patented Solution

by Black Hound Design

Modular Furniture That Uses Table Connectors to Keep Your Surfaces Steady and Even

If you’ve been in the restaurant or service industry for even a day, then you’re already familiar what happens when you push two or more tables together to make a larger dining surface. Quite simply, those tables aren’t made to play nicely with each other.
Depending on the state of your current tables, you may get a fair amount of wobble and some uneven edge-to-edge contact. Not only is this a functional problem, but it’s also a bit of an eyesore to look at. There’s not a tablecloth fancy enough to make it look good.
However, with our patented TableLinks solution, you’ll never have to worry about disjointed tables again. We’re taking modular American made furniture up a notch.

How TableLinks Works – Connecting Tables with Ease

TableLinks from Black Hound Design allows you to connect two or more tables together using our patented table connectors. A simple joint we’ve built into each tabletop enables you and your staff to easily connect tables in a way that is seamless and elegant. No more bumps, gaps, or wobbling. Your guests will get a flush, smooth surface all the way through.
TableLinks are already being used in restaurants, resorts, clubhouses, casinos, and a variety of other venues where connecting modular furniture comes in handy. Available in several different wood types and sizes, TableLinks elevates your commercial interior design while providing your staff plenty of flexibility.  
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Custom Woodworking That’s Built to Be Adaptable

Pushing tables together in a pinch isn’t a new move by any means. People have been doing that forever. Sometimes you get lucky and the tables line up okay. Other times, the tables are shaky and unsteady like an old carnival ride.
At Black Hound Design, we aim to create some of the most memorable pieces for when people are searching for custom furniture near them. However, modern American made furniture should do more than just sit pretty. It should solve a problem, too.
After seeing Murphy’s Law in full effect when it came to clunky makeshift community tables, we finally pooled our collective woodworking abilities together and did something about it.  
We knew that we wanted our new tables to be flexible and adaptable. We also knew the table connectors had to be cleanly designed and simple enough for anyone to use. Finally, the tables needed to be completely level and seamless, regardless of whether they’re pushed together or not.
Flexible. Easy to use. Functional. That was the end goal.
We used our years of custom woodworking skills to our advantage and developed and patented a simple solution: a joint system that allows for easy, crisp connections between tables or other modular furniture.
The “cartridges” are built into the side of the table to make joining tables easy. Simply push the two tables together, aligning the exposed “cartridges” to the other table with vacant slots. And there you have it – connectable tables. No wobbles. No uneven surfaces. No BS.
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TableLinks on a 16-person live edge table

TableLinks on whitE oak
restaurant tables 

TableLinks on
marbled epoxy
restaurant tables
 a resort 

Our client - the world-renowned TPC PGA Tour Golf Course - wanted large community tables for their luxurious clubhouse. However, they also wanted the ability to break out the tables into smaller two-top sections for added flexibility.
Their customers are discerning and expect high-end experiences. When a large party or group sits down at the community table for dinner, cocktails, or a meeting - wobbly, uneven tables won’t bode well for the aesthetic and image the golf course has spent years building and refining. This is an environment where the details matter, so if one thing is out of sorts, it gets noticed.
Thus, our TableLinks were the perfect solution. We had to customize the joint technology to fit the gorgeous live-edge oak slab that they chose, which took a lot of head-scratching. But we pulled it off, and the tables now easily transform from large 10-tops to 4 individual 2-tops. They are elegant, extremely practical, and adaptable. We call that a hole in one!


Interested in TableLinks for Your Space?

Check out our down and dirty videos to see TableLinks in action. 

Notice how quickly the tables push together, and separate. Easy as pie. 

TableLinks on