Easily and seamlessly connect your tables with our patented TableLinks solution. We all know that restaurant tables and commercial tables are just the pits when it comes to pushing them together or pulling them apart. With TableLinks, we build a simple joint into the table top and ensure that the connection between tables will be smooth and easy- while still being beautiful and elegant. TableLinks is now found in restaurants, resorts, clubhouses, casinos are more all across the country. Contact us today to get connectable tables for your commercial business. 

Easily Adapt Your Tables to Your Space

Pushing tables together and breaking them apart is nothing new. We’ve all been to restaurants with a huge party and the host pushes a few tables together. But, we also all know that those tables then don’t align very well. Maybe there’s a wobble. Maybe there’s a lip and your glass catches on the edge. Maybe you’ve even been stuck at the seat where your plate straddles the divide between two tables. The. Worst.


Further, in these times, spaces need flexibility in seating arrangements. Maybe you don't need a community table right now, and instead you want a series of two or four tops. But what happens when you do need that big community table? 


We wanted flexibility. We wanted a better customer experience. We wanted total seamless and even tables- whether pushed together or pulled apart. 


So, we developed and patented a simple solution: a joint system that allows for easy, crisp connections between tables or other furniture. You just pop a “cartridge” into a slot that’s in the edge of each table. Push two tables together- via the cartridge- and boom. Connectable tables. You have a completely clean and even seam. No wobbles. No uneven surfaces. No BS. 

TableLinks on a 16-person live edge table

TableLinks on whitE oak

restaurant tables 

TableLinks on

marbled epoxy

restaurant tables 


Our client- the world-renowned TPC PGA Tour Golf Course- wanted large community tables for their luxurious clubhouse. But, they also wanted flexibility for the space, and the ability to break out the tables into smaller two-top sections. 


Their customers are discerning, and expect high-end experiences. When a large party or group sits down at the community table for dinner, drinks or a meeting- wobbly, uneven tables would be a major distraction from the aesthetic and experience that the Golf Course works so hard to maintain.


Thus, our TableLinks were the perfect solution. We had to customize the joint technology to fit the gorgeous live-edge Oak slab that they choose, which took a lot of head-scratching. But we pulled it off, and the tables easily transform from large 10-tops to 4 individual 2-tops. They are elegant, extremely practical and adaptable. We call that a hole in one!


Interested in TableLinks for Your Space?

Check out our down and dirty videos to see TableLinks in action. 

Notice how quickly the tables push together, and separate. Easy as pie.